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EP 43: Patients vs. Politicians

The NORML Network

Marijuana Policy Project

Pot charges dropped for Boynton Beach man
Ask your senator to oppose offensive drug testing bill
Senate Bill 556
Temporary Cash Assistance for Needy Families

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act Language

North Carolina
NC Medical Cannabis Act
North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act


Mourners rally Victor Steen death
Judge: No crime in Victor Steen's death
Marijuana references removed from wrongful death lawsuit|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s
Actual Patrol Car Video of Victor Steen being tazed and run over

What Can You Do?
Drug Policy Alliance
Fla.: Ask your senator to oppose S 556
North Carolina HB 577
Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act Language

In Life by Brene Wilson

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EP 42: Two If By Sea

NORML Network

ASA's Obama Report Card

Teens Caught Trying to Swim with Load of Marijuana
Coast Guard crews apprehend 2 swimmers with drugs
Port of Brownsville

Medical Marijuana May Be On Next Year's Ballot
Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Approved for Ballot
Arkansans for Compassionate Care

Medical pot prescribed mostly for aches, pains
Population of Michigan, U.S. Census Bureau
Angler Participation, Recruitment, and Retention in Michigan, 1995–2004
NORML: Active State Medical Marijuana Programs
Chapter 118: Libel and Slander

What Can You Do?
Arkansans for Compassionate Care

Throwing It Down Beside The Sea by 20 Riverside

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EP 41: Happy 420

Ark police seize 50 poodles during Centerton drug bust; dogs were in single-wide mobile home
Deputies Find Puppy Mill
Dogs From Drug Raid Being Adopted

State high court limits police dog use at private homes

Staunton man says drug deal was unfair|head

Growing marijuana gets you high energy costs, study finds
Energy up in Smoke: The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production
Emission Facts: Average Carbon Dioxide Emissions Resulting from Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
Household Emissions Calculator
Marijuana reported stolen|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE

Feel the Music by Mako

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EP 40: Girl, Interrupted

Americans for Safe Access Monthly Activist Newsletter

Man suspected of marijuana possession arrested near Austin High School
Driving directions From Austin HS to Memphis St, Austin, TX,+Austin,+TX+78703&gl=us&ei=ZN-hTb3RMa6y0QHup4ScBQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CCEQ8gEwAA
Texas District and County Attorney’s Association, Drug Free Zones
Brackenridge Field Laboratory
Texas Health & Safety Code - Section 481.134. Drug-Free Zones


Student charged after lockdown
Alabama Marijuana Penalties
Fort Payne, Alabama

Elgin lawmaker wants drug offenders to pay for police costs
Illinois General Assembly
Jayscopcars’ photostream
http:[email protected]/page7/

What Can You Do?
Alex Hinojosa, El Paso Times
[email protected]

Mr. Hinojosa,
     I was somewhat perplexed after reading your article entitled "Man suspected of marijuana possession arrested near Austin High School." I was confused about the connection being made in the article between the location of Mr. Scott's arrest and Austin High School. My own research (see link below) indicates that Mr. Scott was found in a home 2.4 miles, or 6 minutes away, which is well beyond the 1,000" drug-free zone around Austin High School. However, it does appear that Mr. Scott was, in fact, within 1000" of a source location, but this location was the University of Texas' Brackenridge Field Laboratory and not Austin High School.
     I'm hoping you might be able to provide additional information regarding this matter that might solidify the article's representation between the high school and Mr. Scott's arrest. At a time when state legislators and Texas voters are considering two very important pieces of marijuana law reform (HB 1491 and HB 548) it is crucial that all information surrounding this issue be as accurate as possible. Thanks for your time.  

Girl, Interrupted by LaZae

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EP 39: Executive Decision

Jeffrey Kennedy & Michael Minardi Interview
Jeffrey Kennedy Story, You Tube
Michael Minardi, Attorney and Counselor at Law
Email address: [email protected]
Broward County Cell: 954-729-9680
Martin County Cell: 772-475-7086
300 Colorado Ave.
Suite 204
Stuart, FL  34994
Office: 772-463-6571
Fax: 954-827-0553

Joshua Phillips, Stand Up and Speak Out Interview

Smashing Time by Ex-Norwegian

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EP 38: Potrochial School

Medical marijuana market growing quickly
Casey Casseday on Episode 9

MPP: Medical Marijuana affirmative defense bill introduced
HB 1491, Medical Use of Marihuana
Texas House of Representatives
Alarming Trend of Growing Hydroponic Marijuana Cases Index
Pot Prices - February 2011 THMQ
Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base
Julia Hernandez Garcia, PIO, CCPD: [email protected]
Sr. Officer Tony Acevedo, PIO, CCPD: [email protected] [email protected]

Marijuana dispensary opens near school
Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center

What Can You Do?
Texas House of Representatives
Drug Policy Alliance

How The World Ends and Someday by Modern Science out of Las Vegas, NV

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EP 37: Puff, Puff, Pass

The NORML Network

Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis: [email protected]
ASA asks that you tell President Obama to stop MMJ raids.
Drug Sense.Org
Norml and SSDP at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton Fl

House Bill Could Reduce Penalty for Possession of Pot
House Bill 548

North Carolina
No medical marijuana in Fletcher
List of amendments to the United States Constitution


A Marijuana Policy that will Blow your Mind

What Can You Do?
Florida House of Representatives
Texas House of Representatives
Marijuana legalization advocates organize to put new measure on California ballot

To the Honorable Matt Gaetz:
     I'm writing to ask that you support HJR 1407, Medical Use of Cannabis. I understand that many people have an immediate and negative reaction when any type of drug use is mentioned; however, I am hoping you find that after forty years of failed policies, a trillion dollars in expenditures, and twenty million arrests, we must be responsible and look at alternatives to our current marijuana laws. I strongly believe that Representative Clemens' bill is the first step in a rational approach towards marijuana law reform that will benefit all Floridians.
     This bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee, so it is possible for you to have a very direct impact on the lives of tens of thousands of our fellow citizens whose lives are ruined due to laws based on fear, prejudice, and ignorance. As an activist for marijuana law reform, I'd be happy to act as a resource for you in providing any information you might need to increase your knowledge of this critical issue.

To the Honorable Dennis K. Baxley:     
     I'm writing to ask that you, as the Chair of the Criminal Justice Subcommittee, please schedule a hearing for HJR 1407, Medical Use of Cannabis. With medical marijuana already recognized in fifteen states, as well as the District of Columbia, and legislation pending in a host of others, it is time for Floridians to have an open, honest, intellectual discussion about this issue. From a humanitarian perspective, patients and doctors in Florida deserve to have access to the same treatment modalities that are already available to over one-third of this country's population.

Radio by Judge Jackson out of La, California / Dallas, Texas

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EP 36: Gatorjuana

Drug Policy Alliance, 40th Anniversary campaign
ASA Monthly Activist Newsletter

Sheriff Jim Ruth, Bradley County, TN: [email protected]
National Drug Intelligence Center, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Drug Threat Assessment
Casey Casseday, The Green Rush

Bill filed to put legalization of medical marijuana on ballot
HJR 1407
Lake Worth legislator pushes medical marijuana

North Carolina
Fletcher considers medical marijuana|topnews|text|Frontpage
U.S. Tobacco Production, Consumption, and Export Trends

10% Off orders $15 and up for CSA listeners (Coupon code: 420CSA)

Man admits trespassing at illegal grow operation|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
Larimer County Alternative Sentencing Unit
14th Amendment, Equal Protection Clause

What Can You Do?
Email the sponsor's of Fl's Medical Use of Cannabis bill
Rep Jeff Clemens
Rep Rick Kriseman
Rep Mark Pafford

The Day AFter the Night Before by the Dust Rhinos out of Manitoba, Canada

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EP 35: Happy Mardi Grass

This is a shorter show than usual because we got caught up in the debauchery that is carnival time. In spite of this irresponsible behavior, we do have personal experiences to share with you regarding some interesting interactions we had during our Mardi Grass festivities.

Fat Tuesday's Over by Josh Belville

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EP 34: Byrne, Baby Byrne

NORML of South Florida general membership meeting
How $31 of pot gave mom a 10-year-prison sentence
Infants and Toddlers Can Drown in 5-Gallon Buckets, (CPSC Document #5006), U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Hidden Hazard In The Home Infants and Toddlers Can Drown in 5-Gallon Buckets
In-Home Drowning Hazards
Death among children and adolescents

Man accused of growing marijuana surrenders

Marching For Marijuana
Legalize Louisiana


Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted
Heicklen, Julian Phillip

What Can You Do?
Tell the Senate: Approve House Funding Cuts for Failed Drug War Programs
DPA Homepage
Bureau of Justice Assistance

Women are Smarter / Aiko Aiko by The Williams Brothers Band out of Colorado

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