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EP 50: I'm Just a Bill

DPA Take Action
NORML Take Action
MPP Take Action
CCPR Take Action
Marijuana bill officially introduced to Congress by Ron Paul, Barney Frank
Dave Beall, Ohio Activist

Cole Memo
Ogden Memo
Justice Department shoots down commercial marijuana cultivation,0,1515449.story

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Thick Ass Glass

Take Two
Alexia Campbell, South Florida Sun Sentinel
[email protected]

Man Wants To Use Medical Marijuana In Jail

What Can You Do?
The Glowflies
Sensible Tucson Online
Emergency Petition
Just Say Now

March of the Pigs by A Thousand Suns

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BE 03: Not All Plants are Kind

Unfortunately, my lovey bride was attacked by Mother Nature in the form of poison ivy. Apparently, Lori is extremely allergic to it and has been suffering for days with horrendous outbreaks and rashes. Although we have show notes ready to go, I had to play the "husband" card and tell her that we weren't doing a show with her being in such bad shape. As a result, we'll be releasing Episode 50 over the July 4th weekend, which is also the 1 year anniversary of the podcast! 

EP 49: We're Number 1

20 Riverside

Warehouse Fire Sends Growhouse Up in Smoke
Grow house discovered after fire

Feds take down ‘national drug ring’ operating in Va.
Results from the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health:
Volume I. Summary of National Findings

Christie says he'll delay medical marijuana law until feds give OK
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Puts Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Law on Hold While Arizona Sues for Guidance
Governor's veto deals blow to local medical marijuana dispensaries
DEA Stats and Facts
Marijuana Prosecutions For Year 2009 Near Record High

What Can You Do?
The Glowflies
Call Off the Global Drug War
Jimmy Carter, Drug Abuse Message to the Congress, August 2, 1977

Weights and Measures by Dustin Edge

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EP 48: Kilo-Stone Cop

State Attorney’s Office, 8th Judicial Circuit
The Glowflies
Americans for Safe Access
Marijuana Policy Project

DeFuniak Springs man charged with growing marijuana
Miranda Rights.Org
No charges for mother of girl who took marijuana to class

Former sheriff's deputy pleads guilty to federal drug charges


Cop Facing Child Porn Charges Pleads Not Guilty To Pot Possession,0,5392319.story
Connecticut State Marijuana Laws

Would you by Emit

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EP 47: Pick A Card, Any Card


Officers find more than 200 marijuana plants

Lafayette Man Arrested for Child Molestation

Janoris Jenkins fined in drug charge
Trial starts for Broward deputy accused of stealing drug-bust money,0,2899767.story

AMEX Bans Medical Marijuana Purchases
Pay Taxes by Credit or Debit Card,,id=101316,00.html

What Can I Do?
Urge Your Federal Representative to Support New Legislation to Protect Medical Cannabis Patients and Providers

Nothing’s In Tune by Timothy Nelson and The Infidels

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BE 02: Bonnaroo Bus Tunes

The Cannabis States of America podcast presents the Bonnaroo Bus Tunes for our friends at

One to One by Josh Heinrichs,
Snakes and Ladders by Circus Envy,
Gimme Da Weed by Chronic Clan,
Stop the Bus by Grace Potter and the Noocturnals,
Perfect Being by Brene Wilson,
Smoke That Weed by Nice Peter,
Don't Let the Sun Go Down by Celestial Underground,
Full Tank of Gas by Quincy Mumford,
War Cry by Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde,
Lost Control by The Glowflies,
You Are Having a Wonderful Time by The StereoFidelics,
You're Great by The Roast Beef Curtains,
Big Red by Pete Bush and Hoi Polloi,
Get Stoned Together by Josh Belville,
What Happens on the Bus, Stays on the Bus by Charlie Hartwell,

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BE 01: Make Money, Not War

The following data was compiled by a listener, Clark Kent, and we were so impressed we wanted to share it with all of you.

War cost - $118,600,000,000

Annual cost of buying Afghanistan cannabis - $80,184,000

Annual law enforcement cost savings - $13,700,000,000

Annual income from cannabis sales taxation - $16,896,000,000



Cost of war in Afghanistan for 2010 - $93.4 billion (Source -

Estimated cost of war in Afghanistan for 2011 - $118.6 billion (Source -

Afghanistan becomes world leading producer of cannabis (Source -

Estimated maximum acreage in Afghanistan that is under cannabis cultivation – 24,000 hectares (Source -

Estimated net income to Afghanistan farmers for cannabis production - $3,341 per hectare per year ( Source -

Estimated cannabis production by Afghanistan farmers – 3,500 tons per year (Source -

Total estimated income to Afghanistan cannabis farmers - $80,184,000

Total estimated street value of annual Afghanistan cannabis production based on $1,500 per pound -  $10.5 billion

Estimated annual law enforcement savings from cannabis legalization - $13.7 billion (Source -

Estimated annual cannabis consumption nationwide – 105,600,000 lbs. (Source -

Estimated tax revenue on legal cannabis sales (based on a flat $10 per ounce tax) - $16,896,000,000

Buying cannabis from Afghanistan, withdrawing troops, legalization and taxation of cannabis savings

EP 46: Between a Rock and a Hard Drive

The Glowflies
Arkansans for Compassionate Care

Former EPISD Teacher Arrested With Marijuana At Bridge
EPISD Teachers, Librarians, and Student Activity Managers 2010-2011
National Average Gas Prices    
Unemployment Rate, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Rapper among several charged in pot-growing ring
Tow Down

WFTV Crew Finds Marijuana At Crash Scene
Crash spills rare coins onto highway
Greater Jacksonville Coin Club Annual Coin Show

Marijuana permits bring in $300,000
Racket (crime)

Memorial Day, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

What Can You Do?
Freedom Watch: Marijuana / Cannabis - Legalize it?

Computer Blues by Ken Tucker and James Swafford

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EP 45: Blinded Me With Science

Marijuana Policy Project
Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signs law allowing medical marijuana|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE

Teens charged in Pines dragging death of boy, 16, get bail,0,2866354.story

International Centre For Science in Drug Policy
International Centre For Science in Drug Policy
Obama moves to separate politics and science
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
Exposure to the above the influence antidrug advertisements and adolescent marijuana use in the United States, 2006-2008.

More Black Men Now in Prison System than Were Enslaved
New Jim Crow
What Was Jim Crow

What Can You Do?
Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform

Eat the Snake by the Glowflies out of New Jersey

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EP 44: Most Powerful Podcast in the World

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers
Ohio Marijuana Advocate Dave Beall

Total alcohol contributions received since the 2003 passageof House Bill 1199
Contributions received from the alcohol industry

Fourth marijuana conviction gets Slidell man life in prison
Louisiana Marijuana Penalties
Slidell rape defendant gets 20 years after squandering chance at shorter sentence
Ramon Antonio Vargas, The Times-Picayune

Coupon Code: 420CSA

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Fort Collins police fail to return pot plants
Township Board Discusses Uniformity, Marijuana, Chickens
West Bloomfield Police Department
Resolution Confirming Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Facilities, Approvals and Certificates Materials 05-02-2011/RESOLUTION Medical Marijuana Moratorium.pdf

What Can You Do?
Womens Marijuana Movement
NORML Women's Alliance

Hungry for the Truth by Sherri Miller out of New York

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